The Proof

As Gravity Logic’s Park Riding vision becomes a reality with new Bike Parks popping up all over the planet on a daily basis, we are encouraged by a recent economic impact study conducted by the Mountain Bike Tourism Association (MBTA).  The study was commissioned to analyze the economic impact of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in addition to several other regional mountain bike locations including the Resort Municipality of Whistler as a whole. The study concluded that the Whistler Mountain Bike Park contributed to over $16,000,000 in economic impact to the Whistler community during the length of the study. The MBTA study also provided some valuable insights into rider behaviour, overall experience and trip motivation. Some of the highlights of the study include:

  • Destination Ridership: 63% of Park riders are from the US and Overseas.
  • Length of Stay: 89% of non-resident riders stay overnight and the average stay is five nights.
  • Trip Motivation: More than 80% gave the Bike Park a five out of five ranking in terms of its importance in their decision making.
  • Likelihood to Return: 88% of respondents indicated they were very likely to return.

The entire report can be downloaded here for your reading pleasure.